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Mobile Chair and Pole Dancing Parties
and Private
 Pole Lessons

Pole Fitness Training

Tired of your everyday gym routine? Well not all toned bodies are built in a gym.

Try some of our pole fitness training. 

Pole Fitness is suitable for anybody who wants to become stronger, more toned, and more flexible, but also prefers a fun workout. Our program offers a perfect build up and composition of techniques in levels, so that everyone – independent of fitness background – can start this challenge in a safe and attainable way. Our instructor will teach you the basic principles of the exercises and coaches you extensively and enthusiastically for every new technique. Sessions can focus on your specific goals; strength for pole, waist trimming/weight loss, or flexibility and we can make it as challenging and difficult as you like.

 Please note:  All training lessons require a $20 non-refundable deposit to hold your date(s) and time(s) on our calendar. The deposit can be paid by using the "Pay Deposit" button at the top of the page.

For more information please contact us at:

Krystle at [email protected] or 704.412.8348

Strength and Conditioning Training

Our strength and conditioning  training has both physical and mental benefits. Not only do you develop more endurance, muscle power and flexibility, you also improve your figure and it is a fun workout. During your workout many muscle groups are trained, on both muscle power and muscle endurance.

Flexibility Training 

All flexbility lessons start with a warm up to prepare your muscles and joints for a series of exercises designed to improve your flexibility. You will notice how much easier and more graceful your pole moves will look. Suitable for all levels.


Training Pricing Packages 

Your training sessions can be a private or semi-private session, meaning the Instruction will be provided to 1-2  people for a 1 hour session.

Pay as you go cost: $30/person per session

Monthly Loyalty Program:

4 Sessions Training
@ 1 Session Weekly for 4 weeks 

8-Sessions Training
@ 2 Sessions Weekly for 4 weeks

12-Sessions Training
@ 3 Sessions Weekly for 4 weeks

Please note: We only require a $20 non-refundable deposit to hold your date and time on our calendar for private training. To get the loyalty program prices, the amount must be paid in full at the Week 1 training. Introductory rates apply to new clients only.