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Quotes I've worked with Krystle for almost two years... we started with basics spins and now she has moved on to become an advance performer. She is very dedicated to her craft but understands what it is like to be a beginner. Krystle will tailor her workshops to meet everyone's needs and make sure everyone is having a good time. You won't be disappointed!! Quotes
Erica M

Quotes Well worth the money. I truly enjoyed myself and my sister Kem had a GREAT time. Krystle and Tynisa were very experienced. Quotes
Donielle P.

Quotes Krystle and Channell were very pleasant to work with and made our experience fun. Quotes
Karen C.

Quotes My friends and I had a great time! The owner, Mystic, and the instructor, Honey, were wonderful professional and courteous. Quotes
Diana S.

Quotes Mystic was awesome. We plan to schedule another event with her. She was friendly and professional. Quotes
Lulu H.

Quotes I love learning to work the pole! I've been familiar with the owner for almost half a year now. She is very encouraging, helpful, dedicated, and fun! She sees the potential in a person and tells you what to do to work and become better at poling. I do it to exercise in a fun way and as a stress reliever. Krystal helps to achieve those goals for me! Now that I'm engaged, I'll be calling on her for bachelorette parties and girls night out! I know it'll be outstanding! Quotes
Sassy Teacher

Quotes Krystle is a fantastic teacher- detail oriented fun and great to be around. She will help you practice a trick until you can do it perfectly! She knows a ton about pole dance and makes even the most intimidated beginner comfortable in her classes! Quotes

Quotes Mystic is a wonderful pole teacher. She is very encouraging and takes you step by step to learn the mechanics of each move, as well as the conditioning you need to do to execute them well. Taking lessons from Mystic is something I do for me - to recharge my batteries and have some time away from my family and work duties, while getting a great, fun workout, but my husband certainly loves the results! Quotes
Working Mom over 40

Quotes Krystle is a wonderful teacher! She is super patient and breaks every step down so that all of her students can be successful!!! Quotes