Vertically Sassy & Fit

Mobile Chair and Pole Dancing Parties
and Private
 Pole Lessons



  1. What should I wear?

    Please dress comfortably! We suggest dressing as you would if you were going to the gym. Shorts, leggings, tank tops, & t-shirts are all great! Please bring a pair of heels that you are very comfortable walking in and if you are ready, feel free to wear them as well!

  2. Can I host a party at a location other than my house?

    Yes our parties are designed to come to any requested location.

  3. Can men participate in our parties?

    No. Our parties and classes are designed to provide a sense of sisterhood and empowerment among women. In order to maintain a sense of comfort we maintain a strict no men allowed policy.

  4. Can any women participate in a party?

    Yes our classes and parties are truly for the everyday woman. Women of all shapes, sizes, and age ranges have participated in our classes and parties and all left with a feeling of accomplishment.

  5. What is the weight capacity for the poles?

    Yes, maximum weight capacity for the poles is 250 lbs.

  6. Does Vertically Sassy & Fit sell poles?

    Yes. Please contact the owner at 704.412.8348

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